India is my motherland. It is the seventh biggest country of the world. There are 29 states and seven union territories in India. Delhi is the capital of our country. Agriculture is the main occupation of its people.

Shri A.P.J. Abul Kalam, a well-known scientist is the President of our country. Shri Manmohan Singh, a renowned econonrist, is the Prime Minister of India. India got its freedom in 1947. There has been rapid economic growth in the country after liberalisation and globalisation but still a lot is to be done.

India is a democratic country. The Government is elected by the people. India is a secular country. The people choose their own leaders. The people speak different languages. Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Parsi and Buddhists live in this country. India is famous for its handicrafts. India exports tea, sugar, clothes, jute-goods and machines to other countries. Its artistic goods are in great demand in European countries and the USA.

India is a great democratic country of the world. Pakistan, Burma, China, Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are its neighbouring countries. The people of India are peace-loving and kind-hearted.