When I passed class V, my father took me to Jain Happy Senior Secondary School, Daryaganj, and Delhi. My father took us there in his car. We went to the Principal.

My father had a talk with him. My father filled the admission form. He admitted me to the sixth standard. Then my father left for his office.

My elder brother was in the 8th grade in the same school. I still remember my first day in school. It was an interesting day for me. I was nine years old at that time.

There were about 30 students in the class. They were in their uniforms. They were reading the first lesson from the English Book. The class-teacher was kind. She made me sit in the first row.


The students were nice and friendly. In the recess, I went to the canteen. My brother was already there.

We had our refreshment together. We played with toys. At 12.30 the bell rang, and the school was over. My mother came to take me home. I always remember my first day in school.

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