The lion is called ‘the king of beasts’. It belongs to the cat family, but with a little difference that the male lion has its flowing mane, which a cat or a tiger has not. Its appear­ance is majestic. It resembles a tiger in many ways, but it is shorter in length than a tiger. Its head is large, and the eyes on it have the glow of a fireball. It has sharp teeth and strong claws.

Generally, the lionesses catch and kill the preys, while the male ones enjoy the flesh and blood of animals killed by their partners.

Lions are found in the jungles of Africa, and in some parts of India, such as Gujarat. Unlike tigers, it kills animals, only when it is hungry. It does not normally kill small and weak animals. It is not as cruel as the tigers. It is a noble animal. Hence it is called ‘the king of beasts’.

Lions are tamed sometimes for the circus shows. They may also be seen in the zoo.