173 Words Essay for kids on a Railway Journey


During the last summer vacation, I went to Shimla. I travelled by train with my mother.

We packed our luggage and hired an auto-rikshaw. We reached the railway station. We bought tickets and then returned to the platform. There was a big crowd of people waiting for the train. Some people were standing and some others were sitting on the benches.

The train arrived. We entered our compartment. We had comfortable seats near the windows. There were people of different States and different areas in the train. Some passengers were polite and some were rude. Some were talkative and others were quiet.


The train started. I started looking out of the window. Green fields looked very beautiful. After six hours we reached Kalka station. We had dinner at the platform. We again got in the train. The small engine ran on the narrow rail tracks.

I enjoyed the scenery of green hills on either side of the railway line. We also passed through the dark tunnels. The journey to Shimla was very pleasant.

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