Summer is the hottest season of the year. The period of summer season covers the months of April, May and June. During this season, the days get hotter and the nights shorter. The sun rays are very hot.

The hot wind which blows which is stuffy and sultry. Due to too much heat, the water of the streams, wells, and ponds dry up. People living in the villages suffer much for want of water. There is scarcity of pure drinking water.

In the absence of rain, the earth becomes scorched with hot sunshine and the soil becomes hard. Then it becomes impossible to plough the land and sow the seeds. So vegetation suffers heavily in summer season.

In summer season, the fruits like mangoes, lichee, jackfruits and watermelons are grown in abundance. Delicate flowers rarely bloom in the garden due to heat in the atmosphere. The sand of the deserts and that on sea beach become heated and walking becomes almost impossible for long distances. Life becomes uncomfortable in the summer season.