161 Words Essay for kids on national bird of India


The peacock is India’s national bird. It is a very colourful bird. It is a found in many parts of India.

When a peacock dances, it spreads out its feathers like a fan which look very beautiful. Peacock dance is a popular dance. It has very beautiful and colourful feathers.

A dancing peacock is a delightful sight. It also has a crown on its head. The female peacock is called a peahen. It is not so beautiful to look at.


Peacock’s voice is not very sweet. It has a long shining, dark, blue neck. It can fly only over very short distances. Its feathers are used to make purses, jackets and many beautiful things

A peacock is a great friend of farmers.

So it is mostly found in fields. It eats up harmful insects. Thus it protects crops and plants.

The peacock is the most beautiful bird among all birds. A peacock dance done in a group is a fascinating sight.

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