158 Words Short Essay on Iron for kids


Iron ore is found in mines. The ore is melted and purified and iron is extracted from it. There are two kinds of iron: cast iron and wrought iron. Iron is used in many ways. It is rolled into bars, pipes, plates and sheets, which are used for various purposes. Utensils, knives, scissors, razors, blades, pins, locks, keys, tools, weapons, etc. are made from iron. Iron is also used for making cars, ships, engines, bridges, rails, etc.

Iron is a very hard metal. Wrought iron does not break easily, nor does it wear away by constant use. Iron is useful in our everyday life in various ways. Iron is used in various forms in building of houses, and other heavy construction works. In India, iron mines are found in Bihar and Orissa.

Among the renowned factories in India, those situated at Jamshedpur, Durgapur, Rourkela, Ranchi and Bhili are quite large in size and significant in respect of production.

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