What are the Administrative Responsibilities of School Inspector?


With his administrative powers, the Inspector visits schools and supervises whether the school laws and regulations arc properly followed. He distributes grants of the state and attends various meetings within his jurisdiction. He also gives advice to the assistant and the management of schools. He collects statistical data of the schools in his circle. He appoints teachers and clerks. He also deals with the transfers, sanctions of leave of the teachers and clerks.

His administrative duties also relate to the annual inspection of records, accounts, office routine etc. In this connection he maybe assisted by a competent staff. He is also to see that discipline is properly maintained in all the institutions under his control.

The Inspector has the power to recommend to the Director for the construction or enlargement of school buildings, hostel on out house, regarding alterations or additions to the staff and the provision of additional school material or equipment.


The Inspector is (he chief link between the department of education and the schools under his jurisdiction. The department of education also delegates certain powers to be performed by the Inspector.

Supervision demands that an Inspector should interval with the members of the teaching staff in order to improve the quality of learning of students. He may not be the sole contributor to academic improvement, but as the recognised leader and expeditor, he is to play an important role.

The Inspector’s supervisory work is confined to all recognised educational institutions in his area. During his classroom inspection, he should follow all the principles of democratic supervision. As the academic supervisor, the Inspector should make “power with” approach not “power over” leadership. By this he can assist the group members to plan together. He can think as the group to accept his opinion. Work can be distributed on the basis of skill and training rather than order. Thus he is to play a double role. He is to act as teacher’s counselor and friend, yet he must inspect.

Because of the multiplicity of subjects taught in our secondary schools, it is very difficult on the part of the Inspector to inspect all classes thoroughly and give necessary suggestions. So he should take the help of a panel of experts in which he will act as the chairman. In this connection the Education Commission has made the following recommendation. “We therefore, recommend that the academic work of the school, should be thoroughly inspected by a panel of experts with the Inspector as Chair­man and this should be done once in three years.


We recommend that three persons may be chosen from senior teachers, or headmasters to visit schools in the company of the Inspector and to spend two or three days with the staff, discussing with them all aspects of school life the laboratory facilities, the curriculum, the organization of extra-curricular activities; the use of the holidays and all other problems connected with school activities. Through these full frank discussions, the inspectors will be in a far better position to help in the improvement of the schools.”

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