Energy has useable relationship with the production and consumption by the people. Both the factors move in ratio to population and consumption. Energy use and its sources need to be reviewed before we decide about describing the relative factors of energy. Sun, water, air and chemicals are some of the main sources of energy and they help in generating power from the sources. We have used water for thermal powers which move a mineral or a chemical in demand. The warning alert in this zone reminds for the exhaustion of the raw fuel and increase in population which results into enhancement in demand for energy.

The next used fuel was water in Hydel-power houses. Furthermore, is the use of atomic energy or nuclear fuel for power generation. Indian experts are already working hard on the non-conventional energy resources such as sun, wind blowing, tidal waves and biogas generation. As it is, very little could be done in this direction. Scientists are busy in developing a long term fuel for power generation. Village folks use cow dung, plants etc. for such productions. Indian scientists and atomic experts are committed to harness the natural resources for welfare use of resources. They could locate some deposits of “THORIUM’ which can be sued for power generation.

Our experts experimented car or bus driving on CNG and LPG gases. We could as such produce some lenses which helped in the development of sun rays into water heaters. However, nothing much could be done in the direction or the pace was so slow that it failed to cope with the demand and supplies.

We have to take a serious note of prevailing set up and gear up the efforts to control the generation and utilize our techniques to produce more, while utilizing our resources. Consumption control could be through control on population and creating awareness for the problem. Enhanced production is more a subject of technical experts’ jurisdiction and they may handle it. There is no dearth of variety of fuels provided we are willing to use them.


Awareness has to be created so that the consumers avoid wastage. More care should be taken for stored resources, because they end up on their own. The other part of resources which are created by its own circle just as water etc. in the same exploration for new fuels should continue. This may help in meeting the requirement Norms should be worked to save energy and awareness should be created among masses to follow the norms; industrial consumption can offer good help in this direction. They can avoid wastage and produce gadgets with economized use of electricity or energy. Recently Phillips, Crompton, Surya and other bulb producers have introduced low-watt tubes for domestic use. This can help in the low consumption in domestic sector. In the same way, new production should cover the manufacturing as per requirements.

People should be encouraged to use non-conventional energy. A solar domestic cooker, which is simple to manufacture, can save 60 percent of the LPG fuel, and almost 70percent of any other fuel. Such cookers should be made available on subsidized prices.

Energy crisis is universal, we can and should support the efforts to face the crisis and minimize it to the least possible extent.