Sample essay on A Visit To A Circus


A circus is a place of great entertainment for all, elders, and children alike. Here we get to see an assortment of, acrobatics, workmanship of men and / animals, all in the same arena.

Last year I had an opportunity of going to a circus with my parents, sister and brother. We got seats in the very first tow and so, we could see the entire show with ease and interest, without any strain to the necks or heads.

very interesting and thrilling item was the trapeze.  Every time the players both girls and boys leapt from one  swing to another through mid air my heart missed a beat, and oh! my little sister would start crying each time.


It was so very automatically appear in my mind as to, what would happen if those leaping from here to there had a fall? I would think that this eventuality would mean a sure death of the individual.

This thought gave me pricks of pain, in the midst of all excitement, and, at times, even closed my eyes tight, to ensure that,  miss the sight, of a performer I fall off from the trapeze.

The other item I liked the most was the item called the well of death. This was a very huge globe like thing made of wires very closely knit. In this globe we saw two men enter, seated on motorcycles, and, the game started.

They both moved round and round the globe at a very fast speed, and all the time there was the fear of the two motorists colliding. If this would happen, it would mean, sure death for both, and that also a very sad death, with each getting I absolutely crushed into pulp.


This driving of the motorbikes required, besides guts and grit, an absolute precision of movement all through. This precision was

needed as, they would continue to cross each oath throughout the display at just the distance of a hair bready. This item was also very interesting and exciting, which kef our nerves tense all the time.

In this case also like the trapeze my mind continued to think of the worst that could hippie i.e. both the motorists being crushed to smithereens. A eras would mean just an instantaneous death for both of them However, as I kept my fingers crossed all the time, it al went off well, and nothing happened to them.

Some of the other thrilling items were the jumping front swing to swing by both men and women, and the tight rapt walk. Both these items also required absolute perfect and precision in action as the tiniest of a mistake would mean disaster.


Besides the items of interest presented by human effort ire the circus, animals were not very far behind the humans performing. We saw elephants walking on low pedestals, dogs doing acrobatics, and, the lion having as if a game with his master in a cage.

All this was not any match to the performance of a dog solving sums of addition on a blackboard. This item really took the cake and, at once,  for one started believing the unbelievable that animals too have brains that are not very much less than the brains of human beings.

The entire show and a mixture of its excitement and nerve racking atmosphere were broken by the antics of the two jokers who entered the arena. There were two of them, one was very tall, as he walked on stilts and the other just the opposite, very short, almost like a dwarf. Their jocular antics took away the tension and seriousness of the items and gave us some respite.

After seeing this circus, I understand two very important things. One was that, animals can be and are as intelligent as man, so, we need not boast that we are a highly specialized species of living beings that alone have brains.


The other important thing confirmed to me was that, both men and animals can be equally well trained and disciplined to a point of perfection. The items we saw, performed by both men and animals required perfect precision and perfect discipline and both were found in plenty in both men and animals.

Here again,  understood that man has no reason to boast about his species, as, the lower species of animals have proved that, they are in no way less than men. Some items of lesser interest were, the human pyramid, driving a cycle of one wheel and, lo and behold! jumping through a ring of burning fire.

Thus, the circus I visited, provided complete entertainment for me and all the others and at the same time, taught me few very important points about the characters and behaviors of men and animals – it was a visit really worthy of it.

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