The maxim is based on the measure of wisdom. Man is supposed to listen everyone and speak very less.

Listening complies and patiently shows one’s wisdom and being silent prove this. In the gathering of intellectuals one gets a lot and he learns much. And speaking precisely and to the point shows he or she is educated.

Educated people are given training of how they must see people and how respond them. They are taught to be eager listeners toward scholars. Listening to every bit gives a precious knowledge and boots up the wisdom.

Blind people focus only on listening. They make their track y listening the rounds around. Listening is the great source of information. If there is no more to see listening works as the first tool to known about all around.


When it comes about speaking, the short we speak the wise we are considered. One who knows a lot speak as much less lavishly. They have to listen even more than they had listen. They believe to speak only what is important and informative. Their precise answer is meaningful and their lecture full of wisdom. It is famous saying that silent is disguise for fool and ornament for wise.