Fatherhood & Motherhood: In our society it is a common view that mothers take care of their babies. As soon as the baby is born, mother does all the work of her baby.

Mother lives indoor and she has to do the entire household as well as baby’s work. On the other hand father has to go outdoors. He has to do a job so as to take care of his family, his wife and kids. He works hard for the whole day and gets back home in the evening.

So he has a little time to spend with his children, although he loves his children as much as the mother does. Mother takes care of her children the whole day. When father comes home, he is tired, but he gives all his love to his children. He loves to play with them. For entertainment he takes them for outing.

He tries to give as much time to his kids as possible. Mother gives more time to her children as compared to the father. So, children are more attached with their mother. Children love their father too but whenever they have any problem, they go to their mother for help.


They know that she is the one who can solve problems. Father does the same in another way. He takes out time for his children from the busy schedule. Although when he is not at home, he is working for the benefit of his children. So in the end we come up with an idea that mother as well as father does a lot for their child. So motherhood as well as fatherhood must be praised and emphasised.