Do you believe in slow and steady wins the race?


Success in life depends upon the efforts that we make. These efforts must be steady and sustained. Some people are gifted with great intelligence and others with rare talents.

But they will achieve nothing in life in they do not make steady efforts or work by fits and starts. Those who are impatient and rush through everything in the hope of getting quick results are also in for disappointment. Neither too much hurry nor too much slackness pays in life. A man cannot get anything great overnight. Success demands patient labour, perseverance and firmness of purpose.

Restlessness creates complications and j pushes away one’s goal beyond the reach. Over-confidence makes one careless and dilatory. Neither course is desirable. Slow and steady wins the race. It does not mean that we should be slow in our actions, | It simply means that we must discard impatience’s, restlessness and hurry and do our work steadfastly.


If we choose our goal wisely and then proceed to achieve it with slow, gradual but determined efforts, j we are bound to succeed. We must neither be lazy nor careless. We must neither lose time nor go on postponing what we must start: forthwith. Firm determination and constant efforts are necessary to achieve success in life.

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