Let us analyze and understand who really is a student? A student is one who studies and then uses his knowledge in the best possible way. Thus, when the basic definition of a student is, one who studies. Who would then be termed as a good student? Who would be an ideal student?

An ideal student would obviously be one who studies carefully, assimilates all that he studies and then, above all, utilizes all his knowledge to the best of his capacity.

This would imply that, besides becoming knowledgeable himself, an ideal student would be the one who would willingly help the weaker students to at least attain the basic standard. He should be the one on whom all hopes of friends and teachers should be pinned.

In the absence of a teacher, this student must be able to take the responsibility of controlling the class and help the weak classmates in their studies. An ideal student is one who, besides studying just the course books also ventures to study environment, human nature, and all else that is around him.


We normally call a child big or small studying in a school or college – a student. However, this is a misnomer. All of us, no matter how old or young, should always have the spirit of a student. Every day of life, and every incident of life is a lesson for us – students to learn.

This means that, the spectrum of studentship is very vast, and includes all- yes, all of us. On a wider plane thus, a student is a person who studies, everyone, everywhere and all the time. Thus, with this concept of a student, a good student would be one who keeps his/her eyes open all the time, throughout life.

A student must, in all earnestness always be absolutely alert to all that is around him for, only then will he be able to learn from what he see and hears.

For an ideal student, the world is a learning ground, and everything is a lesson. A good, an ideal student will never leave any stone unturned to gain more and more knowledge from where ever he can, and every one can be his teacher. The more he looks around the more experience and expertise a student will attain.


Thus, we can say that, an ideal student is one who, firstly, continues to learn, and his horizons of studies are just limitless. Secondly, he continues to remain alert all the time, and picking up threads of knowledge from the smallest of happenings.

This is my definition and expectation from an ideal student -he is a person with an insatiable thirst for knowledge – and he likes to spread it to all he meets all through his life. An ideal student is one who knows the fact that, spreading of knowledge will enrich him further, and not make him lose his stores of knowledge.

An ideal student is thus one who does not keep his knowledge closed to his heart but likes to help others also in becoming knowledgeable.