We are all citizens of one country or the other. We acquire citizenship of our country generally by virtue of our birth. But to be a good citizen requires a lot of training and understanding.

A good citizen must be large minded. He must, if living in India, consider himself an Indian first and anything else afterwards. Many people keep their caste, creed or religion above their nationalism. But this is not a sign of good citizen ship.

A good citizen always keeps the welfare of his town or city or village foremost in his mind at the time of elections. Nothing can lure him to cast his vore in favour of an undeserving person. This is not to say that he considers the welfare of his city over and above the overall welfare of his country. He must sacrifice the regional interests when national emergencies demand it.

A good citizen can be one whose civic sense is highly developed. He must love his neighbours. He should not pick up quarrels over petty affairs. He should not cherish ambition at the cost of harming others. He must be sympathetic, ‘broadminded and generous.’


He must not spit on Tire Street and never allow his family members to throw garbage on the street wantonly. If somebody in his family is suffering from an infectious disease he must immediately rush him to hospital in order to prevent the disease from spreading.

A good citizen must take interest in the welfare of his neighbours. He must come to their rescuer in time of need. He must give them good advice and teach them how to become good citizens.

He must organise weekly meetings of people in his neighbourhood to educate them. He should try to collect funds for spending on welfare schemes for his city. In fact he should be a volunteer of humanity sharing their joys and sorrows. He should never tire of doing a good turn to his fellow citizens.

In time of natural calamities, a good citizen must be prepared to move right up to the scene of disaster to lend a helping hand to the victims. In this respect he must be above communal considerations and jealousies. Even if somebody has harmed him he should go ahead without any prejudice.


In this way a good citizen should always be ready to forget and forgive. In a word he should be a perfect gentleman.