I am a Wheel Chair, an item of great importance and utility for the handicapped. It is me who can provide mobility to the handicapped and disabled people. For those who have lost the capacity to move on their own limbs, I am an asset as, I help them in moving about.

My master is one Mr. Shanker who purchased me from a shop just a few days back, after he met with an accident and lost both his legs. I do not remember when and how I was made, but from the time I came to a shop, I remember my life as it has been.

For quite a long time, I do not remember how much, I stayed with several of my clan at a shop that deals in just wheel chairs. When we were together in the shop, we often discussed our utility. We would often wonder why, anybody would buy us when cycles were available and much cheaper than us.

All this was talked of as, we, the community of wheel chairs did not know about the possible disabilities of man, so we wondered why we were made at all. From the shop during my stay several wheel chairs did go out but, as they never returned to the shop, we all remained ignorant about our very purpose of life.


However, this shadow of ignorance was after all shed one day. After I had been in the shop for quite many months, one day one Mr. Shanker came to the shop, and at last my turn had now come.

The customer came close to me to see me-I was unpacked and, as soon as I was out in the light of sun I saw Mr. Shanker, my master, Oh! God, this gentleman was without limbs – his legs were just half up the knees. Now, I just realised that, it was men without mobility that is, natural mobility want the help of the like of us. After Mr. Shanker had seen me, I was packed again for him to take to his home, and was loaded in his car.

Now I was very happy on two accounts, one, that I was out of that routine of the life in the shop, and two, I had at last understood my utility for man. I had hardly put my thinking cap on and thought of my work with Mr. Shanker, that, the driver turned into a home, which was obviously the home of Mr. Shanker.

Oh what a home, it was a massive mansion with servants moving to and fro through the house. As soon as the car was parked in the driveway, two sturdy looking men ran to the car, from I don’t know where, to help their master. The doors of the car were all opened and I was taken out from the back seat, while my master was helped out from the front.


I was carried by these two men through a huge sitting room, and a dining hall, and, I don’t know how many bedrooms till the final place of my posting was arrived – i.e. the bedroom of my master, Mr. Shanker.

To this place was also brought Mr. Shanker who came and sat on his bed, while the servants brought me and kept my huge bundle in a corner of the room. Now I realised that, I would be used by Mr. Shanker to enable him to move about in the huge mansion that was his home.

Now onwards, this room was to be my home, and my work to help Mr. Shanker move about in the house. It was really ever so depressing to see such a healthy, hefty, and young handsome man being so handicapped and dependent. Yet, I was glad that, I would get the opportunity of taking him out of this wilderness and loneliness of the room.

I had hardly settled in the room that, another gentleman entered the room and by their conversation I came to know that they were both brothers and they, and their families lived together under the same roof in this same mansion- Now, I was in the charge of this other brother, and the servants who would see that, I was always kept ready for use. Whenever I was required.


Now, my routine had changed from, sitting idle in the shop, just gossiping with my other colleagues, to, becoming an active member of the family of the Shankers and, had to shoulder the responsibility of helping the elder Mr. Shanker to become mobile, alert and friendly.

I now understood what life really was, it had so many ups and downs and so much of change, that, it could never be boring. I also realised that man, who is the highest species of God’s creations, also has to suffer in life, so, what to say about things like us, inanimate and crude compared to man.

Now I accepted life and its challenges and decided to take them as they would come.

Now life had become a disciplined routine and I’d take my master for morning walks, sitting out in the sun, places of worship and also to his business meetings. All this was fine and life became a duty and, I started liking it also till, one day I heard the other Mr. Shanker giving some foul instructions to the servants.


What I heard unnerved me and I wondered what could be my role and I thought that, here is a serious challenge for me. I had heard the other Mr. Shanker telling the servants that, the next day when I would carry the disabled brother, for a walk they should push me with him into the deep ditch that lay ahead of the garden – just a few yards away.

That night I just could not get sleep for, I would not like to get involved in such a nefarious job. I continued to think of how I could try to save my master.

After a perilous night, after all, the morning came and once again the instructions went round that, they must push him into the ditch with me. I was shocked to see that man even giving the servants some money to do this job. Soon it was time for me to move out with my master and, I had still not been able to plan what to do to save my master.

As the servants came out to help me out of the room, I stopped my breath, and this made the wheels get jammed. The servants tried their best but, could not move me an inch out of the room. At once, they ran to inform their unholy master of what had happened, and, in the meantime, I took a deep breath to be able to bear the next blow.


Soon I saw them return and try once again but, once again they could not move me as, I again stopped my breath. In this much time lost, it got dark and the servant were thus instructed to stop as, I would be first repaired and then they could complete the task left to-day.

Hearing this I took a sigh of relief that, I had saved my master at least this day, to-day. Now, as I write this my autobiography, night has fallen and tomorrow the same attempt will be made. I request all my readers to please pray to God that, tomorrow some miracle may occur and my master is saved.

Only with the help of God can my master be saved. How long can I dramatise as I did today? This sort of action could not last for long, and, in the very near future my master will be killed if God does not come to his aid. Oh! God, I pray to you to help my master tomorrow and many days to follow and may he live long.

What more can I do to help him being myself an inanimate object without any knowledge and any power.