Essay on If I Were the Minister of Human Resources in the Government of India


Human Resource is the very basic resource of an; country developed, developing or even undeveloped. This is because it is this veil resource that furthers the enhancement and growth of the resources of the country. The optimum use of the human resource is the basic secret of the growth or stagnation of country.

Let us understand what really human resource is. This resource is the reservoir of strength, physical, mental, and spiritual that a country may possess. The utility of every individual has got to be assessed and then utilised in the avenue of his/her talent.

If all the talent in a country is utilised properly and to the optimum, the country continues to forge ahead on its path of progress. What is progress? It is the growth and development of the entire nation, the entire population – and that can be achieved only when all the resources are pooled and put to use for the benefit of the country.


As far as India is concerned, we have a very thick population, and that is of a great variety of types and standards, we have absolutely no dearth of people of any sorts. However, in India, we seem to feel only the weight and burden of this vast population.

This is mainly because we are not able to utilise manpower properly. We must at all times remember that each child that is born has only one stomach to feed but two hands to work. If this capacity of his hands is not utilised to maximum, he has to remain a burden on the country and a drain on the other resources of the country.

If I were the Minister of Human Resources of the Government of India, my first action would be to ensure that, no hands are kept idle, for any length of time, I would see that every individual is utilised fully for the service of the nation, to the best of his/her capacity and capability.

If an individual’s talent pointed to the brain, he would be educated and put to use in offices etc. If an individual would be with physical strength, he’s been used for labour, sports etc, and i.e. works that need physical strength. In this way the country would be able to use all its human resource and the burden of a huge population would turn into an asset of umpteen hands and brains.


Presently, what is happening in India, all are studying for example, whether they an or they want to is never looked into. This huge turnout from Universities and other educational institutions poses new problems as these numbers are not good enough for any work – they have studied only because they had nothing else to do.

This is what is a waste of human resource, as, people are doing things just as they are in vogue – and so they turn out to be a wasted resource.

Since the potential would be used if I were the human resource minister, I’d see that there would be dignity in all labour whether it involves physical effort or mental effort.

All jobs would be paid also at the same rates, so that there would be no dissatisfaction among people of different categories. This would make all people feel equal in regard to their work and its remuneration, and the work output.


As of today, in India, physical work is considered less in dignity and is of meager payment compared to mental work and so, the gap in the values of labour. I would see this gap erased so that every individual would work in his potential and not have to copy others just because other are more respected or are better paid.

With this much done in my Ministry, I think I would haw used the national potential to its optimum, and would haw also eliminated the distinction between mental ant physical workers as, both are equally essential to the growth of a country.

With this the country would like utilizing its multi-crore asset of human resource, instead of only just feeling the heavy burden of it, on other resources of the nation.


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