Science has been a boon and a bane to our daily lives just as, the two sides of a coin. Just as two sides of a coin cannot be separated, the advantages and disadvantages of Science also cannot be separated, for, the effects of Science, on our daily lives have been both good and bad, and cannot be looked at separately.

It is Science and its knowledge that has given us the gifts for our comforts and luxuries, and these gifts are uncountable. They have made life a very interesting and comfortable journey. Starting from the home, Science has made the chores of a housewife very easy, fast and neat. We have the gas stoves, the Frigidaire, the vacuum cleaner, the washing machine and the air conditioner.

There are several other smaller gadgets which also contribute to making work easier and faster, the mixie, the grinder, the juicer and many other smaller electrical appliances make for convenient and fast work by the housewife.

Using all these gadgets in the kitchen makes the daily chores of the housewife very easy, fast and neat. After all the housework finished faster, she can now indulge in other assignments outside the home and keep herself occupied according to her tastes and capacities. Thus now the housewife, once totally occupied with the never ending house work can apply her time and energy to other pursuits of her choice, which is turn, may give her more satisfaction and inner happiness.


So much for the gifts of science for the housewife now once out of the home, the magic of fast transport is at our beck and call. There are scooters, three wheelers, cars, taxies, and buses to take us to any destination that we may be heading to. With so many fast moving vehicles available to us, we become more mobile.

This helps us to do our work at far off places fast and also helps us in becoming friendly with the outside world. These movements out of the home teach us, at least the women to be more independent and teach us to do many odd jobs which we were earlier not able to do due to the constraints of movement.

So much for a fast movement, let us now consider the position of the network of communications. For this, Science has provided for us, a large spectrum of communication. We have the media in print and on the screen.

In print, we have the newspapers, magazines of all sorts, and on the screen we have the small screen on the television and the big screen of the cinema. All these media give us the news of all that is happening around the world, while we are seated in our drawing rooms.


On the telephone, another medium of communication we can speak to friends and relatives, make programmes finalise deals and a lot more, all this also sitting at home, or inside the office. Oh! What a fast moving and sure network of communication this Science has gifted to us. To add to all this, now, the computer has come, a wonder of wonders of the scientific age the entry of the computer in the homes and offices has made work still easier and faster.

With so much of science and scientific knowledge the impact of all this on our daily lives has been tremendous. Routine works have become easier and faster and so, we can make ourselves available for more and more of other works away and different from the routine.

The world has become smaller and a single family in which we can at any time, talk to anybody anywhere in the world; send messages to anyone anywhere in the world. Thus, Science has completely revolutionised man’s life and life style. It has given man more exposure to knowledge which he gets at his doorstep.

With all these gifts of Science there is the other side of the coin. The other side is of course not very encouraging. For, if it were not for Science and scientific knowledge, we would not have had dreadful things like the atom bomb, sophisticated weapons all that are the media of wholesale destruction. If all these things are allowed to develop like the blessings of Science, there may come one day when there will be no human being to enjoy the fruits of science.


This side of the coin of science brings awe into the minds of millions of innocent people who live in the fear of annihilation at any time. Just like speed is there in good works, speed will be there also in its different media of destruction also.

Thus, Science has given us a lot, but since it has a lot of capacity of taking the very essence of life from us, it is not to be considered as a very wholesome gift to mankind. Though science has revolutionised man’s life, it has given man the fear of destruction also as never before.