450 Words Essay on disarmament: the only hope of humanity


The armament race poses a great threat to world peace. Almost all the countries have been involved in the arms race. At the time of the Second World War USA was the only country which had developed the atom bomb which it used with devastating effect to end the war. By and by other countries like Great Britain, China, Russia, and France also developed the bomb.

The developing nations are not far behind. They are also joining this race. India, a peace loving country, was also compelled to do so in 1998 to assure its people regarding national security. This race for armament has created a serious challenge to international stability. It has exposed the whole world to great danger.

War Countries remain in a constant state of preparation for ar. There is also a danger of nuclear device exploding and annual war erupting because of human or mechanical error.


It is estimated that there are enough nuclear weapons in the world today, to wipe out the whole planet several times over.

In such a situation when there is a crying need for peace disarmament is the only hope of humanity. It is necessary today for the very survival of mankind. It is necessary to put a check on the imperialistic designs of certain countries.

India is never in favour of arms race. One of the basic principles of India’s foreign policy is disarmament. India supports the reduction of arms and elimination of nuclear weapons by all the countries of the world. It is therefore she did not sign CTBT (Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty) because it has so far failed to set any deadline for complete nuclear disarmament.

What we need today is world peace and international stability. Unless the countries will follow the policy of disarmament, nothing good can be achieved. Though] undoubtedly, some progress has been made through talks and proposals in paper still race of armaments continues unabated. And this is the problem of disarmament.


To wide-spread of peace, first we need change in the minds of all. Speech and action, increasing fear and hatred must be avoided. It is a fact that we cannot establish peace all over the world in a day or two, it can be achieved by and by. It all depends on us. If every country extends its hand in the way to restore peace, a day will definitely come when we will embrace each-other with an emotional feeling of brotherhood. There will be no war, no arms, and no violence.

The UNO’s non-stop efforts in this direction are going on. Its chief objective is Disarmament which must not fail because it in the base of peaceful co-existence. We must be hopeful.

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