The loudspeaker is quite a recent invention of science. It has become very popular even in villages. It is made use of on the occasion of a marriage ceremony in the house, the celebration of a festival or some other happy function.

A leader comes to our place. He addresses a mammoth gathering of citizens. In order that his voice may reach the audience spreading over a very large area, loudspeakers are installed at suitable places and his voice reaches the farthest corners. Without the help of loudspeakers, it would have been impossible to address big gatherings.

In schools and colleges when big gatherings have to be addressed, loudspeakers are made use of. Speakers are fitted in every room, the Headmaster or the Principal sits in his office and addresses the classes sitting in their respective rooms.

His voice reaches every room of the school. This saves a lot of time and trouble. Sitting in the office, the Headmaster can make any announcement. The peon does not have to carry his orders from room to room. Sitting in his room, the Headmaster can also know what is going on in every room. So loudspeakers have proved very useful in controlling and managing big institutions.


They are proving a great nuisance also. Loudspeakers drum about filthy film songs in the streets from morning till evening. They create a terrible noise. When they pass by a school or a college, they disturb the peaceful work in the class-room. People have a craze for loudspeakers. On the occasion of every little function in the house, loudspeakers are used. So much noise is made that the whole locality feels disturbed.

Loudspeakers are made use of even when some solemn religious ceremony is being observed in a house or in a temple or a Gurdwara. A non-stop recitation from the Gita is going on in a temple and at the same time a non-stop recitation from the holy Granth is going on in a Gurdwara.

The loudspeakers, in the Temple and the Gurdwara vie with one another to ring louder and louder in order to drown the voice of the other. There is a confusion worse confounded. People can make out neither the one nor the other. Every sensible man condemns the improper use of the loudspeaker.

If a proper use is made of the loudspeaker with due regard to the convenience of the neighbour and the public, it can prove very useful. But if we use it to advertise loudly what is going on in our house or in our street, we are guilty of misusing a useful thing.