We hear the above phrase a lot but fail to pay much attention to it as we believe that all our friends are friends in deed. Mostly in troubled times we look back space that is sans them. The choices that we take, the amount of time we spend all decide the amount of closeness we share with a friend.

A true friend no matter what doesn’t stop from helping us out of anything. Also we should not stop from helping friends who are very close to us. Friends we make now and then don’t seem memorable but when on a day we end up with one of them as our closest friend, then the true value of friendship dawns on us.

A friend who doesn’t hesitate to help us out of any turmoil even while risking his own life is one who is a truly best friend of ours. Friends aren’t calculated risks but uncalculated gains that we get in life. Friends also can be past enemies. It isn’t how much trust we put in a person but how much we haven’t hesitated from being befriending him and helping him in troubled waters that decides a good friendship.

Sometimes even a trustworthy person can backstab us. Our actions to decide whether the person whom we consider as a friend truly trusts or for that matter likes us. So though a major role is played by us in selecting our core group, the saying always holds true-a friend in need is a friend indeed.