191 Words Short Essay on advertisements


Ours is an age of advertisements. The T.V., the radio the cinema and all other means of communications are full of advertisements now. They are now popularly called ‘ads’. They are also visible on building walls, buses, railway stations and airports.

All good positions along roads and highways are used by advertising houses to put up their ‘ads’ and banners.

‘Ads’ are a vital necessity today. Trades and industries are going on expanding. Naturally they want an awareness of their products in the public mind. This way, consumers know where to find the things they want. Employers also get suitable persons for their job requirement by these ‘ads’. The ‘ads’ today even help young persons to select life partners of their choice.


But these ‘ads’ have their negative side also. They also create a ‘false demand’ by their flattering languages. Sometimes the rogues advertise for the sole purpose of cheating the people. To check this menace, the Government has also established various bodies to find the reality of the goods so advertised.

But nowadays, the ‘ads’ are the ‘in thing’. They do help in letting us select the goods we need.

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