Visual Aid is one of the most effective methods of imparting knowledge of any kind. It is an accomplished fact that, what one sees he learns faster than what one hears – and therein lies the importance of visual aid as a medium of instruction. For this reason, with the passage of time, visual aids have come to take a very prominent place in the system of education.

The lectures given by parents, teachers, and all elders may not be heard, may not be assimilated, and may not be adhered to. However, what is seen in a movie, the TV screen penetrates deep and gets accepted promptly. This is why we see that children learn more from what they see around them rather than what is taught to them.

It may be said that, the environment around the child is, in reality his real and constant teacher. So, in order to teach what is right, the environment must be right and wholesome, the teaching process is so simple. Besides the visual aids in teaching, the entire visual arena is playing havoc with the children of these centuries.

The oft heard insinuation is that, these days the children are disobedient, too materialistic, and have no values. All this is very correct but, they are not to be blamed – they are the products of the environment around them. They are, as expected turning out to be just as the environment is teaching them.


After all, no body is teaching them to be disobedient or materialistic – then how are they learning it the answer is simple – from the visual pictures they are getting from their environment.

If they are taught in textures to be honest they will not assimilate the value but of they see people around them all honest, they automatically will learn this value. If they see honesty pervading everywhere and flourishing, they will get the mould of honesty – without a word of lecture on.

However, the paradox for them in these days is really difficult to counter. On the one hand they are lectured to be honest while, on the other hand they never see an honest man, an honest act. Besides they see all around them vices of all kinds flourish then – who does not want to flourish? They automatically get into slots of vices – with the hope of prosperity.

These days in reality children lack models or ideals to follow – then how and, from whom can they learn any virtues. They see around them all qualities of evil masquerading everywhere, even within their own homes and classrooms.


So much of importance must be attached to visual aid, yet these days elders do not care to present a congenial scenario for the children to grow into a good and healthy generation.

The elders only comment about the evils pervading in the present younger generation but have they ever pondered to think as to what are the children seeing around them, what is the Visual Aid provided for their growth?

It is all evil around them, the crooked politician, the corrupt bureaucracy, the cheating in family and classroom – then where do they go to get the correct visual aid for their developing into a good generation of adults? So much so even on the screen both big and small there is concentration of violence, corruption and vulgarity and, all this makes home in the young impressionable minds.

To bring youngsters on the right track, I am afraid first, the elders have to come on the right track – for the children learn from what they see. If they see good they will learn good and become good.


If they see evil, they will learn evil and become evil. The bringing up of a generation is so simple – provide them the correct visual aid – whatever the elders want from their younger’s, they have to practice it themselves to provide the correct visual aid.