India has been a votary of non-violence and peace since time immemorial. The country has not only given to the world pioneers of non-violence, like Buddha, Mohair, Asoka, Gandhi etc., but the general masses also have been found lacking in an aggressive and militant outlook.

In fact, some historians have pointed out that the non-violent nature of the Indians many a time proved to be a bane. During the medieval period, the lack of a militant patriotic feeling proved to be one of the handicaps resulting in their meek surrender before the invaders.

But non-violence, as a tool of resistance to the tyrannical forces was utilized by Mahatma Gandhi was able to feel the pulse of the masses. The fact that he thought it feasible to release the latent energy of the masses through non-violent devices shows that he knew what the inherent nature of the Indians is.

By distinguishing quite clearly between cowardice and non-violence, Gandhi was able to instill in the Indians a spiritual power familiar to their nature and belief.


Even in the post independence period, India has been well ahead in spreading the message of peace and non-violence through various international floras. The country has also followed the concept of co-existence and has an impeccable record of non-interference in the internal matters of other countries.

Though in the recent times the violent tendency of some groups has increased in the country, it has to do more with the uncongenial objective conditions and less with the natural behavioral pattern of the Indians as a whole.