The relationship of India and Pakistan can be very widely understood when we see and read about this long drawn out protracted programme of spread of terrorism in India.

Terrorism in India has in the last ten years taken its toll in India and with so many years at it, it clearly shows that, Pakistan is in no mood to be friendly. Instead, it appears that, Pakistan is hell bent upon annihilating its parent neighbour.

What actually is terrorism – it is the spread of terror, as the name indicates. This terror can be spread by just frightening the other, by looting the other or by killing the other.

As regards the terrorism in India it has reached the last type, one of killing indiscriminately. Since a war against India may prove to be disastrous, for Pakistan, it has taken recourse to this slow but sure poisoning of India, by a continuous war of nerves also including deaths of Indians.


All this is being done very methodically with a sure purpose in mind. Terrorists are given full fledged training in army discipline, provided with the most sophisticated weapons after teaching them the use, and given a lot of money for the task.

Then they are helped to sneak into the Indian Territory across the border, with specific instructions to do as much damage as possible. Once on the Indian side the terrorists are engaged in arson, loot, killings, and terror. The purpose of all this is bold and clear – to spread terror and make people run out of the territory.

Once terror is spread, people run for safer places and the target is thus achieved. This holocaust is being tried out in Kashmir with an obvious attempt at annexing Kashmir – for, if all the already minority of the Hindus flee from Kashmir, if ballot is then tested, there is no chance of a vote for India.

With the purpose of annexing Kashmir to Pakistan this long drawn out programme of killing and terrorising has been very successfully launched and vigorously followed through the last decade and more.


For the last decade and more, the terrorists have crossed the Jammu and Kashmir border and struck terror in the State, so much so that, 80% of the Hindu community has fled the area and settled in other parts of India. Such a tragic situation has been created that, these people are rendered homeless in their own country and outsiders doing it all with such impunity.

The situation has lasted for ever so long and defies any solution up to date. The extending of a friendly hand, the coming on to a battlefield, the offer of talks – all this has been tried and proved to be fruitless. The process seems to be unending in Kashmir, and threatens to spread to other parts of the country.

Even after an offer of a unilateral ceasefire, conditions have not improved at all. The position as it stands to-day is that, India continues even to extend its ceasefire, while on the other hand Pakistan continues to hit hard at India all the time.

This is a mind boggling situation and it is a wonder how a solution can be reached with these opposing attitudes at work, one side offering peace and the other a battering at all costs. How can the two ways of thinking chalk out a feasible solution, is to my mind a very distant future if at all.


It appears that, all people who matter on both sides are finding themselves at a loss to find an amicable solution. Terrorists continue to be trained and bred by Pakistan and sent across the border to spread terror, and India continues to suggest peace.

It seems that, only God can solve this tricky problem man is failing to entirely. God alone knows how many lives of Indians will have to be sacrificed before we reach an understanding. It is however very clear that, Pakistan means business and the end of the road is not yet anywhere in sight.

This is the situation in India but now terrorists have started spreading their ominous wings in other parts of the world also. It appears that, the entire world will have to work together against this menace of terrorism, before the ogre gets to a destruction spree through the length and breadth of the world.

Only if the brains of the world get together it seems that terrorism may be washed out of the scene – no one country can face and end this plan of destruction.