271 Words Essay on The Beauty Industry


But the beauty industry includes various fields which range from market range products to the products which are sold in the supermarket like various beauty creams, body lotions, fairness creams, etc. In the past the beauty parlors were frequented by females and there was a wide pool of money generated from the females alone.

But in the present day scenario due to a remarkably large influence from the west and western people, has given rise to the term which is now commonly used all over ‘ Metro sexual Man’. Due to the presence of the takeover of the beauty industry by male clients has seen an advent of popular beauticians like Habib and Jonathan who have taken the beauty industry by storm.

The advent of the male has seen a rise in competition and an increase in the number of beauty products and has also seen a remarkable increase in the number of customers who are there to use the products thus making the beauty industry the ‘Golden Goose’. So as long as people want to look like Aishwarya Rai, Angelina Jolie, or Shahrukh khan, this industry is there to stay.

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