What steps have been taken to reduce disparities in the development of different regions?


The differences in development of resources give rise to disparities in develop­ment between different regions in a country. The planning commission and Government of India have devised special schemes for the development of scheduled castes and scheduled tribes by encouraging the development of back­ward areas, hill areas, tribals, physically handicapped people and women in general, for the balanced development of these people and areas. For this, the Government has taken the following steps:

(a) Special grants are given to backward and tribal areas.

(b) Schools have been opened, providing, free and compulsory education to remove illiteracy.


(c) Hospitals and dispensaries have been set up to give medical care to the people.

(d) Water facilities have been provided for domestic purposes and agriculture.

(e) Cottage and small industries are being promoted to provide employment opportunities.

(f) Roads and railway lines have been laid to link different places

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