Brief note on Strategy for Suitable Industrial Development in India


The rapid industrialization process has led to serious deterioration of environment both on the peripheral regions and within the city. There is a clear trend towards increase in concentration of industries on the fringes of cities in India.

About 80 percent of the total industrial production is accounted for by industries located only in 12 big cities. The industrial pollution affects not only the lives of 162 million city dwellers but also the forests and trees growing in the vicinity of the city resorts and metropolises.

To contain and control the adverse effects of industrialization of environment, regulation of land use measures must be undertaken. In addition to the existing million plus cities, a few Satellite Cities should be creating around the million plus cities. While catering to the local needs of the satellite cities, this will enable each region to make use of the infrastructural services of the big city, such as transport, recreation and communication system.


Industries must be classified into different categories and an effort must be made to ensure that water-intensive industries like paper industry are located in areas with plenty of water.

Whereas, in areas of water scarcity only such industries must be allowed which are not water-based, like electronics industries must also have a separate cell to safeguard against environmental pollution .such cells must undertake continuous study of the level of environmental pollution, suggest appropriate measures and force the concerned industrial units to take adequate measures for environmental protection. This means that the industries ought to make necessary changes in their equipment in harmony with eco-balance. The technological change should complement the spirit of sustainable development, i.e. it should enhance the current and future potential of resources to meet human needs and aspirations.

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