Short Essay on Recycling


(i) Metal

Aluminium, lead and steel are the principal metals that are recycled. The aluminium comes mostly from beverage cans. Non can aluminium consists different alloys than the cans and should not be mixed with them. For recycle steel, aluminium copper and other metals are available in many different alloys. A different alloy is used in the lid of the aluminium can than that in the body.

Every three months, the U.S. throws away enough aluminium to rebuild our entire commercial airline fleet. Recycling aluminum users 95% less energy than making new aluminium from bauxite ore.


Metal is melted down and reformed into new products such as cans, automobile parts, siding, appliances and building materials.

(ii) Plastic

The composition of plastics can vary. Various polyethylenes vary in molecular weight, molecular weight distribution, degree of branching, length of branching, crystallinity etc.

35% of the polyester carpets sold in U.S.A. contain recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles (used in soft drink bottles).


Recycled plastics are made into fibre fill, bottles, shower stalls, recycling bins, paint brushes, industrial strapping, drain pipes, plastic lumber and flower pots.

(iii) Inorganic and organic

Fungi play a subtle and diverse role in the cycling of elements on the earth’s surface. Not only do they decompose animal and vegetable matter to recycle carbon and nitrogen; they interact intimately with minerals and recycle inorganic components such as metals phosphorus and sulphur. They break down the surfaces of rocks and buildings and sometimes serve to clean upon contamination produced by human industry.

Worm Bins: These are popular for composting. The best worms to use in a compost chamber are red worms. Red worms eat a large amount of organic material during their life cycle. Others being earthworms, ants, mites millipedes, centipedes or sow bugs.

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