How to predict earthquakes and cyclones ?


Predictability of Earthquakes

Earthquakes are caused by volcanic activity or geological activity. These changes take place deep inside the earth and the processes are not yet fully understood. Therefore, earthquakes are not predictable to the extent that the place and time of their occurrence can not be anticipated. However, the general areas where earthquake activity occurs are known and on a statistical basis, it is possible to indicate that a major earthquake could perhaps occur sometime somewhere within a large region. But, as mentioned above, it is not possible to predict the location or time of an earthquake. Therefore as of now, earthquakes have no predictability in a practical sense.

Predictability of Cyclones


Cyclones have the highest predictability among all the disasters. This is mainly because the scientists know quite well how cyclones are formed and how they behave. As soon as formed over the ocean, cyclones can be detected and tracked continuously with the help of modern instruments such as weather satellites and weather radar. The accompanying hazard of storm surge is also predictable through techniques which take into account the parameters of the approaching cyclone as well as the characteristics of the coast including the coastal slope under the sea in the area where the cyclone is expected to hit the coast.

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