Diversity in Vegetation in India

A huge diversity exists in our flora and fauna. It is due to the following reasons:

  • Temperature
  • Sunlight
  • Precipitation
  • Soil
  • Relief.

1. Temperature:

i. Temperature mainly determines the characters and extent of vegetation.


ii. On the slopes of the Himalayas and the hills of the Peninsula above the height of 915 metres. Low temperature affects the types of vegetation and its growth.

iii. Temperature changes it-from tropical to subtropical, temperate and alpine.

2. Sunlight:

i. The variation in sun’s radiant energy received at different places is due to difference in latitude, altitude, season and duration of the day.


ii. Adequate sunlight, in summer, causes trees to grow faster.

3. Precipitation

i. Almost the entire rainfall is brought in by the advancing south west monsoon (June to Sept.), retreating and north east monsoons.

ii. Area of heavy rainfall hates more dense vegetation than the areas of scanty rainfall.


4. Soil:

i. Soil conditions of a region determine a peculiar type of vegetation.

ii. It is because of the reason that mangrove forests, swamps and sandy coastal forests are grown in coastal and delta regions.

5. Relief:


i. Relief has a great effect on vegetation.

ii. Plains, plateaus and mountains have different types of vegetation.

2. Describe the importance of medicinal plants.

Medicinal Plants:


i. India is famous for its herbs and species from ancient time.

ii. Nearly 2,000 plants have been described in Ayurveda and at least 500 are in regular use.

iii. The World Conservation Union’s Red list has named 352 medicinal plants of which 52 are critically threatened and 49 endangered.

The Rauvolfia Serpentina (Sarpagandha)


i. It is used to treat blood pressure.

ii. It is found only in India.


i. Juice of unripened Jamun fruit is used to prepare vinegar. Vinegar is carminative and diuretic.

It also has digestive properties.

ii. The power of the seed is a cure for diabeties.

iii. Its bark is good for cough, asthma and dysentery.


i. Fresh juice of Arjun leaves is a cure for earache.

ii. It is also used to cure blood pressure problems and heart diseases.


i. Babool leaves are used as a tonic and a cure for eye sores.

ii. It is used as a tonic and a medicine for cough.

iii. Its bark dust is a cure for dog bite.


It has high antibiotic and antibacterial effects.

Tulsi Plants:

It is used to cure cough and cold.


i. It is used to cure asthma and ulcers.

ii. Its buds and roots are good for digestive problems.

iii. Its root is used as cure tor snake bite.