Why it is said that “the blackboard/chalkboard is the most important aid in the hand of a teacher”?


There are various types of teaching aid like traditional, visual, and mechanical. Among all of these traditional aid is very effective and easy for teacher and student both. A traditional aid covers the use of blackboard/chalkboard hooks and periodicals.

Use of Blackboard:

1. The teacher can illustrate the main points of the lesson on the blackboard.


2. Questions and problems can be listed on the blackboard.

3. Pupils’ interact in class work can be stimulated by blackboard writing and drawings.

4. A teacher can use the blackboard for graphs, graphics, sketches, maps and statistics, etc.

5. A blackboard provides a lot of scope for creative and decorative work.


6. The teacher can erase writings and drawings and start a fresh.

7. It helps the teacher to focus the attention of his students on the lesson. It takes heed of varying capacities and rates of grasp of the students.

Types of Blackboards:

1. Fixed blackboard


2. Blackboard on ease!

3. Roller blackboard

4. Graphic board

5. Magna board


Chalk Boards of Different Types of Surfaces:

1. Paint-coated pressed wood.

2. Dull finished plastic surface.

3. Vitreous-coated steel surface.


4.Ground glass board.

Effective Use of Blackboard: Following points may be kept in view while using the blackboard:

1. Blackboard should be kept clean so that writing on it could be easily read by the students from all parts of the room.

2. Writing on the blackboard should be legible.

3. Writing should be started from the top left corner.

4. Writing should be in straight rows.

5. Diagrammatic visual presentation involving many processes should be prepared before the beginning of the lesson.

6. Hand or handkerchief should be used in cleaning the blackboard.

7. Teachers should develop the ability to draw freely on the blackboard.

8. The map or chart or diagram that grows before the very eyes of the students is much more useful and valuable than a well finished map, chart or diagram.

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