(a) Legal literacy is that where one needs to have some broad information about legal provisions and processes.

(b) The main reason for the low level of legal awareness in our country is lack of proper education and low or poor rate of literacy in comparison with our population.

(c) In the court of law, ignorance of law is no excuse. Breach of law due to ignorance is not pardonable Judiciary of our country treats every one as legally literate.

(d) Legal literacy is just elementary knowledge of law not an expert knowledge of an advocate.


(e) It is general awareness of our country’s political set up. Constitutions and Legal Rights and about our actions and social behaviour that accounts to crime and punishable by law.

(/) Legal literacy helps in seeking legal remedies against exploitation and injustice.

(g) Legal literacy made us aware of several forms which have been enacted for the welfare and security of citizens.

(h) Legal literacy reminds us about our rights, duties and legal obligations towards society.