Why Indian Constitution is regarded as partly rigid and partly flexible?


The constitution of India is partly rigid and partly flexible. It is less flexible than the British constitution and less rigid than the American one part xx. Article 368 of the constitution deals with the power of Parliament to amend the constitution and procedure therefore.

There are certain provisions like Articles 4, 169, 240 which can be amended by a simple majority in the Parliament Establishment or abolition of second chambers in the status, altering the name, the boundaries and the area of the states necessitate a simple majority in the parliament.

Some provisions, for example 73 (2): 75 (6); 97; 125(2): 148 (3) are of transitional nature which shall remain enforce only so long as Parliament otherwise provides. However, there are certain provisions of a federal nature whose amendment require not only a special majority in Parliament but also ratification by at least one half of the legislature of the state.

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