Why Household Schedule is Used for Population Enumeration for 2011 Census?


The Household Schedule used for population enumeration for 2011 census also had primarily preceded options. A number of new questions were added to the Household Schedule and the scope of the questions used in the 1991 census was expanded.

A list of some new questions added to the Household Schedule of the 2011 census is presented in the following paragraph:

1. Age at marriage was also collected for males.


2. Type of educational institution attended.

3. The scope of the definition of ‘work’ was expanded to include production of milk for domestic consumption.

Similarly production of certain crops such as tobacco, fruits, all types of flowers, roots and tubers, potatoes, chilies and turmeric, pepper, cardamom, all types of vegetables and fodder crops etc. for domestic consumption has been treated as work.

Only five crops, namely, tea, coffee, rubber, coconut and betel nuts have been classified as “plantation” in the Census of India, 2011.


4. The question on seeking/available for work was asked to marginal workers as well as to non-workers.

5. Number of children born to currently married women during last one year was collected for male and female children separately.

6. A question to elicit information on partial or total disability was canvassed in the 2011 census. The infirmities included were: in seeing, in hearing, in speech, in movement and mental functions.

7. A new question on “Travel to place of work” was canvassed to workers engaged in non-agricultural activities. Information on distance from the residence to the place of work and mode of travel was also collected.


8. The signature or thumb impression of the respondent has been taken on the Household Schedule for the first time in the history of census. Information on relationship of the respondent with the head of the household was also collected in the Census of India, 2011.

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