A consumer, consumer organisation, any voluntary consumer society registered under present law, State or Central Government can file a complaint.

In case complainants are more than one, a joint complaint can be filed, for example, if there is a problem of drinking water in any locality, then peoples of that i locality can jointly file a complaint.

When to file a complaint

• If there is any defect in the goods.


• If the services are not up to the mark.

• Charging more than the maximum retail price.

• If goods are underweight.

• If there is any loss or damage due to unfair trade practices. All the complaints should be filed within the two years starting from the date of purchase of goods or services.


Where to file a complaint

The level of forum where a complaint is to be lodged is determined by the amount of compensation.

How to file a complaint

• The complaint can be filed personally or through registered post.


• The complaint should be filed on a complete form.

• The defendant should be informed about the complaint by raged. AD post before lodging the complaint. A period of 15 days should be given to him to clear his position or redress the grievance.

• The complainant should assure that the complaint is genuine before filing it. Documents like bill, cash receipt, warranty card, etc. should be attached along with the complaint to prove its validity.

• The complaint form should contain the full details of the complaint-details of loss and compensation demanded.


• Three copies of complaint along with relevant documents are submitted in the consumer forum or consumer commission.

• An affidavit along with complaint should be submitted wherein it should be specifi­cally stated that the contents of the complaint are true and correct and accompanying documents are true and duly attested. When the consumer lodges a complaint, the court can issue the following orders:

• To rectify the defect

• To replace the goods


• To refund the cost of goods

• To compensate in case of loss

In case the product is harmful to life, then the complainants demand the removal of the product from the market with immediate effect.