What were the results of the Swadeshi Movement?


a. Importance:

The importance of the ‘Swadeshi’ movement in the history of the Swadeshi movement in India cannot be denied in any way.

First, the Swadeshi movement for the first time integrated the people of India as a whole.


Second, the Swadeshi movement influenced the course of the Indian freedom movement in the post- 1905 period.

Third, the Swadeshi movement leavened the life of the Indians as a whole. The question now was whether the British rule was to endure in India or not.

b. Results:

The direct results of the Swadeshi movement were


First, the agenda of boycott considerably reduced the import of foreign goods in India.

Second, the Swadeshi movement in the wake of the anti-Partition agitation paved the way for the development of indigenous industries.

Third, Swadeshi movement saw the flowering of the Bengali literature.

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