Leaders of the early phase of the Congress blamed the wrong policies of the J3ritish Government for the increasing poverty and economic backwardness of the Indian people.

Not only that, they also had put forward some specific suggestions for the economic improvement. The Congress leaders wanted the British Government to introduce modern industries in India.

The Indian National Congress also raised its voice of protest against the plunder of India’s wealth by the British. In order to prevent the drainage of wealth the Congress leaders demanded lndianization of Government services and economy in administrative and military expenditures.

They also wanted that the British Government should come forward to improve the economic condition of the Indian peasantry and plantation labourers.


The Congress leaders also demanded of the British Government the abolition of the salt tax.

Thus, the nationalist leaders under the banner of Indian National Congress while highlighting the destructive aspects of the British rule, also came forward with some specific suggestions as remedial measures to the British Government.