What was the main theme of Heroic plays


Just as the theme of a heroic Poem is Love and velour, so also Love and Velour are themes of a heroic play. Admiration is aroused by the representation of these qualities.

The dazzling feature of the heroic play is the hero who is superman and in whom is embodied the typically: romantic qualities of Love and Velour are the outstanding trait of his character. Heist great warrior and he sweeps across the world in quest of glory and honor.

He performs incredible feats, conquering “a few million soldiers are a mere treble for him.” (Settle’s conquest of China). But he is not a mere warrior, a mere men-killer; he is also a lover of extraordinary emotional capacity. His love is so sudden and intense that it surprises everybody including himself He throws away the entire universe in the pursuit of his love.


The audience is amazed at such superhuman devotion and loyalty. Moreover, this love is not a mere physical passion; its virtue, “a heroic passion”, it kindles in the soul,” honor’s fire’ and so the lover is eager to be, worthy of his desire”. To be worthy of his beloved, he must be a men of “honor” and “honor”, eludes all possible moral and spiritual qualities. Heroic love purifies the hero to all base desires and makes him a fit object of admiration.

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