What type of Targets should we adopt to educate people in vast numbers?


(a) A phased time-bound programme of elementary education for girls, particularly upto the primary stage by 1990, and upto the elementary stage by 1995.

(b) A phased time-bound programme of adult education for women in the age group 15-35 (whose number is estimated/to be 6.8 crores) by 1995.

(c) Increased women’s (access to vocational, technical, professional education and to existing and emergent technologies.


(d) Review and reorganisation of the educational activities to ensure that it makes a substantial contribution towards women’s equality, and creation of appropriate cells/Units thereof.

In order to neutralize the accumulated distortions of the part, there will be a well conceived edge in favour of women. The National Educational System will play a positive, interventionist role in the empowerment of women.

It will foster the development of new values through redesigned curricula, text books, the training and orientation of teachers, decision-makers and administrators, and the active involvement of educational institutions.

This will be an act of faith and social engineering. Women’s studies will be promoted as a part of various courses and educational institutions encouraged taking up active programmes to further women’s development.


The removal of women’s illiteracy and obstacles inhibiting their access to, and retention, elementary education will receive overriding priority, through provision of special support services, setting of time targets, and effective monitoring.

Major emphasis will be laid on women’s participation in vocational technical and professional education at different levels. The policy of non-discrimination will be pursued vigorously to eliminate sex stereo-typing in vocational and professional courses and to promote women’s participation in non-traditional occupations as well as in existing and emergent technologies.

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