What is the significance of GSLV in space research?


The launch of GSLV has put India in the select League of Nations with the capability to place multipurpose satellites in orbit and send space missions.

India has been paying $70 million to Ariane Space for Launch of INSAT satellites. Now this amount can be saved. Besides India can enter the multibillion dollar market for launching communication satellites. India can benefit through its lower launch price and target the lighter satellites of developing countries.

GSLV gives India the Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) status which can direct an explosive to a distance of 5000 km. Besides, the immaculate guidance system of GSLV is an added advantage.


The armed forces use IRS satellites for surveillance but this is a poor substitute because this satellite is designed for civil application. The armed forces need a dedicated satellite which can provide them imagery of a particular region on demand. They also need ability to launch low earth satellites for detailed surveillance. With the launch of GSLV such a scenario has become a reality.

The course of this success saga is dotted with hurdles and disappointment. The indigenous cryogenic engine will be tested in 2003 after the next launch of GSLV (with an upgraded capacity to carry 1750 to 1800 kg satellite) which will take place in the third or fourth quarter of 2002.

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