What is the significance of general election, mid-term election and by- election?


In the Parliamentary form of Government in India, there are generally three types of elections through which the members of legislature are elected.

General Elections:

It is held when the legislature completes its term of five years. All the members of legislature are elected through this election. As it is widely spread it, costs a huge amount and a serious notice is taken all over the nation.


Mid-term Election:

If the Government falls due to Lok of Confidence in the Lok Sabha or the state Assembly before completion of its full-term and no alternative government is possible, mid-term elections are held. Such elections have been frequent recently due to lack of absolutely majority to a single duty. Due to defections and with drawl of Support by members, such election becomes necessary, causing undesired burden of expense over public.

By Election:

It is held in case of vacation of any seat during the term of legislature. It may be by death, region cancellation of election commission or such other reasons.


(a) When the New Lok Sabha come to seat, and yet the speaker is not selected, the president appoints a proton speaker to preside over the Lok Sabha, till the new sneaker is elected for that newly elected Lok Sabha.

(b) Central Vigilance Commission along with three other vigilance commissioners keeps watch and vigilance over any corrupt practices by higher officers and executives of centre. It observes CBI’s finding.

(c) Article 21 of the Constitution is a fundamental right tendered to Right to life and Personal liberty. It has wide scope which includes rights to privacy, education, water, pollution free environment and right against bondage labour, against any exploitation.

(d) The President can divide, after the consultation with the Election Commission under Article 102 (i) if member is –


(i) Not a Citizen

(ii) Undercharged involvement

(iii) declared of unsolved mind by Court.

(iv) Holding any office of Profit


(e) Parliamentary Secretary holds the Rank of Minister who helps minister in their acts. A Lok Sabha Secretary helps the speaker of Lok Sabha in Proceedings and acts of Lok Sabha.

(f) If any member of the House hide or keep secret from the house any information or present it wrongly, other member can pass this motion.

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