John Dewey stated that education could not be limited within teacher and taught without social environment. So mass media is one such potent force in the social environment of education. Through modern electronic techniques and technologies, mass media prove that education is, really comprehensive not confined within four walls of the classroom.

Really, mass media are the educational medium for the mass and mass education. Irrespective of caste, color, geographical, sociological, economical diversities mass media prove as an important means for the education to all. Mankind gets a great deal of information from the widespread mass media i.e. newspaper, TV, radio, magazines, journals, films, etc. It is estimated that mass media may substitute the real classroom teaching in future.

The Main Function are Listed Below:

Functions of Mass Media:

(1) Providing various information:


These media help in disseminating various information for the mass. People acquire different knowledge very quickly.

(2) Providing vocational information:

Media help in providing vocational and professional information to a larger group of the community.

(3) Spreading awareness and civic responsibility:


People can be aware of different problems of the society and their role in changing society through mass media. People know their rights and duties for the nation clearly.

(4) Educational programmes

Mass Media help in forming suitable habit for different programmes and they utilize their leisure time in a productive way. It also influences the behavior of the people through different programmes.

(5) Role as a non-formal agency


Now in an advanced society mass media are not treated as informal agencies of education. They are called non-formal agencies due to its wide coverage of educational items in a systematic way. It is viewed that these media can substitute the classroom teaching in future.

Therefore, mass media are the main means of educating the society. These are the cheapest and quickest means of the education for the people. The impact and motivation is very quick through mass media. The teacher must use the educational media and methods effectively in the classroom.