A school becomes great because of an effective Principal or Headmaster. He acts like a spring in the watch. As the headmaster is the key of the leadership in a school. He/she is the organizer, leader, governor, director, guide and coordinator of school programmes. The entire administration is dealt by the headmaster. He/she is die leader in both administrative and instructional process. Headmaster has multiple responsibilities in a school. He/she is a leader to all the sub-groups in the school, working for the achievement of the goals.

A headmaster has the following activities in the school:

(i) To plan and organize school activities.

(ii) To allocate duties to teaching staff and non- teaching staff.


(iii) To maintain relationship with parents community and government.

(iv) To develop networking with other schools

(v) To acquaint with recent trends in techno of and information.

(vi) To organize social activities.


(vii) To procure infrastructure and material resources.

(viii) To mobilise available resources for the development of the school.

(ix) To visualize future of the school in tin society.

(x) To coordinate different school activities.


(xi) To appraise performance of the teaching stall non-teaching staff and students.

(xii) To organize staff meeting on various aspects for decision-making.