What is the role of classroom teacher according to Watten Berg


Watten Berg states some significant role of the teachers, which are listed below:

1. Representative of Society. The teacher unmolds the traditions and norms of the society and inculcates the attitudes and moral values cherished by the society.

2. Judge. The teacher judges the academic and other performance, and achievement, and conduct of students, and awards marks or grades, remarks or certificates.


3. Resource Person. The teacher acts as a resource person who possesses knowledge of the subject matter and skills better than the learners.

4. Helper. The teacher acts as a helper to pupils by way of providing them academic guidance and help in difficulties.

5. Referee. While setting dispute among pupils, the teacher acts as an objective and fair are free.

6. Detective. He detects of offences and rule breakers.


7. Serving as an object of identification. He behaves in manners whereby the traits exemplified by him may be emulated and imitated by the students, through the mechanism of identification.

8. Limiter or reducer of anxiety. He helps children to control their impulses, and reduce anxiety about conduct and performance in different problematic situations.

9. Ego-supporter. He helps children to build and maintain a healthy and strong ‘ego’ and self- concept, and feel wanted and important.

10. Group-leader. He acts a leader in establishing suitable climate and cohesion in the class as a social group.


11. Parent surrogate (substitute). He acts like a parent to the students and attends to their psycho-culture needs, treating them with affection and care. 112. Friend and confidant. The teacher plays the role of a friend, Philosopher and guide to the students and wins and shares their confidence.

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