Quality in Evaluation of Educational Technology:

There are certainpoints to be kept in mind while maintaining quality in education of Educational Technology. Let us discuss them in brief:

(i) Utility:

Evaluation should be useful to the affected persons viz., teachers, students and decision makers. This should be done on time. The results/value judgements should be clearly described.


(ii) Feasibility:

The evaluation procedures you intend to adopt must be practical from ythe point of view of your ability, vision as well as cost. This should not be too expensive.

(iii) Propriety:

All concerned with execution of Educational Technology should agree to go for evaluation. You must treat conflicts that arise in evaluation process openly and honestly. The strengths and weaknesses of project should be reported completely and fairly.


(iv) Accuracy:

All pertinent aspects of the conditions that surround the project should be described. The evaluation purpose should be clearly stated. Sources of data should be identified. Valid measures should be used for data collection.

The tools should be reliable. Human error in data collection should be minimized.

Analysis of data should be accurate and thorough. They should be followed by clear interpretations. The conclusions must be based on sound logic and appropriate data analysis. The report should be thorough and free of biases of pressure groups.