What is the meaning and aim of Social Forestry?


Social forestry is the forestry by the people and for the people, whose main purpose is to fulfill the needs of forestry which are – ma­nure, food, fruit, fibre and productive capacity. As a whole social forestry’s main objective is to reconstruct the ecosystem and conserve the envi­ronment. The National Commission for Farmers has determined the following objectives for so­cial forestry –

(i) To cooperate soil conservation and to prevent spoiling the productive capacity of soil.

(ii) To increase fuel availability and to increase the food modification by increasing fruit production.


(iii) To encourage plantation of large and beautiful trees which provide shadow to enhance the natural beauty and to plant all around the cultivation field to increase production.

(iv) ‘ To encourage environment conservation by

plantation and to create general consciousness regarding environment conservation.

(v) To enhance the natural beauty of the villages and cities by plantation.


Social forestry programme has certain problems.

These are:

(1) The lack of information among people and ignorance regarding social forestry programme.

(2) Illegal tree-cutting.


(3) In many states there are unsatisfactory activities regarding social forestry.

(4) Social forestry has not been implemented extensively.

(5) Corruption and misuse of the fund which is for the purpose of social forestry.

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