Lecture Method of Teaching Science

As is clear from the name of the method that under it, one person give information regarding various concepts and other only listen. When talking about the science education, it is the teachers who provide information of various scientific concepts and principles whereas students remain as passive listeners can try to understand the information imparted by the teacher.

This is the oldest method of teaching. In this method, active part is played only by the teacher, and students remain only passive recipient of the information. It is an unfortunate fact that this method is used in number of schools in the nation, but with this method, classroom environment becomes of dull kind and teacher does not take pain to ascertain or analyse that whether the students are following his directions or not.

Thus, through this method, power of observation and reasoning does not stimulated among the students. Thus it can be said that this is a purely teacher oriented method and no importance and consideration is paid to the students in any way.


This method is used by number of teachers as it serves four important purposes. The first purpose is that teacher can get the students motivated through this method. Second is that he can provide information of various concepts to large number of students collectively?

Through it, he can review the knowledge level of the students and can play an important role in expanding it to considerable extent. Lecture delivered by teacher conveys information to students by which their understandings get generated and their interest gets stimulated in the subject. Through this method, students find it possible to provide their feedback immediately to the teacher. Students can have answer of any kind of question imposed by them quickly.

In simple words, it can be said that lecture method is an instructional procedure with the help of which teacher seeks to create interest among -the students towards the subject and also influence and encourage them to ask critical questions on various aspects.

To supplement the oral technique, various kinds of equipments or aids can be used by the teacher. Thus, through this method, readymade kind of information is being provided to the students. This method is characterised by pre-supposing a class of intelligent students who possess the ability to understand and remember the facts accurately and speedily as they are explained by the teacher to them. Through this method, student’s attention, understanding and memorising are well exercised.


This method can only be used by the efficient and able teacher. Such teacher should be able to answer all the questions asked by the students. As known that children have a curious nature, because of which they can ask any kind of question from the teacher. If teacher fails to answer his question, then he will not relate him with the teacher and his trust will be shattered from the teacher.

Teacher making use of this method should have a wider bases, by which lecture can be made interesting and productive. In terms of purpose of lecture, the expectation of a teacher from students after delivering the lecture has to be analysed for which he should keep in his mind objectives of the teaching.

To sustain the interest of students and to keep the atmosphere of the classroom lively and excited, it is necessary for the teacher to provide the students with his personal experiences. It should be properly understood by the teacher that lack of sufficient knowledge regarding the subject can lead to death of curiosity and interest of the students. Not only this, it teacher begins to deliver the lecture without having much knowledge then it can create confusion among the students. Before delivering the lecture, teacher should keep in the mind the purpose of his activity.

Generally this method is used to provide some relevant background material or information of a certain topic. Before beginning a new chapter, generally introductory information is also provided by the teacher through this method to the students.


After completing the chapter, information or knowledge gathered is being summarised by the teacher through this method. Teachers find it difficult to demonstrate certain theoretical points, for which he make use of this method. Demonstration work already done in the classroom is being explained in front of students through this method by the teacher.