English is known, spoken and read by all educated people everywhere in the world. Children in different parts of world speak this language in their school either as the mother tongue or as a foreign language. Most of the countries of the world whose mother tongue is not English learn this as a second language for its cultural and utilitarian values. The people of India are no exception to it.

English is accepted as the second language in India. In the words of Gandhi, “English is a language of international commerce, it is the language of diplomacy and it contains many a rich literary treasures”. It gives us an introduction that English has occupied an important place in Indian education.

The following is the importance of teaching English in India.

(i) English has today become one of the major languages of the world.


(ii) It will be very difficult to neglect English language because of rich literature, scientific and technical nature of the language.

(iii) It is strongly felt that English is the only language of preventing isolation from the world.

(iv) English is given access to the treasure of knowledge.

(v) It provides opportunities to Indians to get employment throughout India.


(vi) It helps to have contact with western science and technology.

(vii) It is a language of trade and industry in India.

(viii) It provides a strong binding force to keep all Indians united.

(ix) It works as a powerful language of communication.


(x) It occupies an important place in school curriculum.

The National Policy on Education, 1986 and Revised 1992 recommended English as second language in secondary schools.