After having acquired the office building, the next job is the selection of furniture-tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, etc. The importance of furniture in a modern office cannot be overlooked.

A greater part of the office work is done on desk, so suitable furniture and other equipments must be provided to the office staff to enable them to be seated comfortably and perform their work speedily and competently.

One should not only pay attention to the utility of furniture, but also to its appearance. In well-furnished office, workers will feel happy to work. So selection of office furniture must be given; careful consideration.

Office furniture is necessarily a part of the total environment in which an employee works. It can be described as a basic facility with which an employee identifies himself.


It has been increasingly realized now that furniture is bought not only for its utility but also for its appearance and that its: artistic design is worth paying for; it makes the office look more attractive, and appeals to the office workers who must use it.

A good quality furniture not only improves the general efficiency of the office employees, but also increase the prestige of the; organization among its visitors.